This one goes out to Weer'd and his dubstep obsession!

Do you know what I like even more than techno songs?

Classical-style remakes of techno songs. It's too bad that there aren't many of them out there.


Weer'd Beard said...


Still I must say, one thing I'm attracted to Electronica for is the fact they aren't bound by the conventional rules of musical instrumentation.

The freaky breakdowns just sound like some really aggressive 6/8 bits we used to play in symphonic band.

Also you can't get the kind of bass support needed to rock true dubstep using Double-Basses and Concert Tubas et al.

bluesun said...

You should also listen to this Daft Punk classical rendition. It's a better showcase of the form, I think.

Weer'd Beard said...

Well that bumps into the same issue, Daft Punk's origonal essentially is an electronic Fugue....but switch to classical music and it might as well be Bach.

Not that there's anything WRONG with Bach!

bluesun said...

I guess I just get a kick out of hearing a song I know so well coming at me in the form of an orchestra!