Quote of the Day

"I am sick and tired of Bloomberg demonizing gun owners. Any politician that would get up in front of a microphone and outright lie to the media about an innocent victim of his Draconian firearms policies is unworthy of holding public office. Every mayor who belongs to Bloomberg's anti-gun-rights Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition should be embarrassed by his remarks and seriously reconsider their membership in his organization. The only thing worse than Bloomberg's New York gun laws is Bloomberg himself. If Bloomberg ever had any credibility at all it no longer exists. His deliberate slander of Meredith Graves is reprehensible, and he should be ashamed."
Alan Gottlieb, in the SAF's latest press release.

Hey Mayor Bloomberg? I think the technical term for that is "PWND, NOOB!"


kx59 said...

Boomberg has not interest in fact, about anything whatsoever. Bloomberg fancies himself as a more highly educated elite that needs to steer and control the unwashed and lesser educated heathens. Which translates to the "the man is certifiably insane". Oh, and also, he's terribly terribly afraid of us.

bluesun said...

All I know is, NYC was kinda pretty, but I'm glad I was only there for 3 hours.