Sigh, and sigh again.

So came out of work yesterday to be greeted by a very flat tire:

So, got the spare on, went by the tire store to hear the professional opinion... it was too far gone to save, the sidewall had torn. I'd known that the tires on the truck were going to be needing replacement soon, the tread was getting down there, so I just had her give me a quote.

$826.24 later (over a hundred dollars of which was taxes and fees, thanks!), I got to walk out the door of the tire place with brand spankin' new rubber.  Yokohama Geolandar ATS--reading reviews you get a nice even spread of people praising and complaining about the very same things (They wear great! They wear worst of everything! Great traction in wet conditions! Worse than slicks in wet conditions!).  Averaging things out, I figure they're decent all around tires.  I will say that they ride noticeably smoother than the old tires.

So yeah, spent the equivalent of a nice new entry level AR-15 yesterday on molded rubber.  How was your day?


KurtP said...

I've always had real good luck with Tiger paws.
They wear well and hold pretty good on wet pavement.

kx59 said...

Yokohama are good tires. I hate dropping that much cash as well, but new tires make a huge difference in the way a vehicle drives. And, it's one of those things you use every day.

bluesun said...

Twas just one of those things that you expect but don't want to face.

Anonymous said...

Next time you in the market for truck tires, check out Treadwright. They are re-treads but very high quality and after much searching I found nothing but praise for them. I bought some Mud Terrain style and have had them for 10000 miles and they have worn more slowly than the original equipment Goodyear Wrangler MT/Rs.