Give Us Rest

David Crowder Band released their final album (deliberately their 7th--remember 7 represents completion in the Jewish tradition) a couple weeks ago. Yes, my favorite band is going on to other things. But man, this album, called in typical DC*B tradition, "Give Us Rest or (a requiem mass in c [the happiest of all keys]" is a doozy. 2 disk set, genres running the gamut from bluegrass to quasi-death metal, from a Kris Kristofferson cover to Bill and Gloria Gaither hymn. Pretty impressive for a worship band.  And it has some pretty nifty album art, as showcased by this short video:

I, of course, love it all.

They also made this somewhat hilarious Rockmockumentary to mark the release:

I'm sad that they're over, but I look forward to what these guys come up with in the future...


Anonymous said...

A great band, too bad they are calling it quits. I have yet to buy this but certainly plan to get it soon. I was shocked when I saw how many songs were on it.

bluesun said...

It was definitely worth the 15 bucks or whatever it was. 2 disks!